Meet the candidates

Meet the Candidates for the 2018 ASA Executive Committee

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Please note that the below "blurbs' are printed as supplied by each candidate.  Any blurbs that were more than the allowed 200 words have been truncated at the 200th word. Where there is no blurb this is because it has not been supplied by the deadline.


Jason Woodroofe
ASA President

I have been studying Politics (I promise I’m not a horrible person) for a year and a half now, which is more than I ever thought I would achieve after leaving school at 16. This year I have taken on increasing responsibility both in the form of running the politics club, and being the ASA’s representative while working with the electoral commission to boost student voter engagement. Having got myself from there to here has shown me that nothing is unachievable through constant perseverance. As president of the ASA I hope to increase a sense of “Campus Culture” through increased collaboration with all student bodies on campus, including AMESS, Te Ohanga accommodation and the Te Waka Maori Association, as well as all other clubs etc. I have already been taking steps behind the scenes to make this happen. The students of Albany Campus deserve to be treated like the capable adults that you are, not that adults can’t have fun too! If I am elected for 2018 will ensure that the events run on campus should reflect your interests, not necessarily the interests of the ASA (although we hope these align all the time!). Thanks, and don’t forget to vote!



Venya Patel
ASA Vice-President

I am here to represent diversity, organisation and provide a leading voice to the students of Massey through policy. I am an Indian from Thailand, majoring in Philosophy, and am interested in how we can bring students from different backgrounds together to form a campus culture. As your VP candidate, I would like to accommodate to how you would like to identify yourself as a Massey University student to gain the most out of this experience. At the end of the day, we are all students wanting to make lifelong friends and memories, which is why I would like to use ASA as a platform to involve Massey students with other university's and take advantage of the opportunities that Massey provides us with. If elected, I would like to form bonds that keep us tied, and so that ASA events, organisations and meeting are accessible to anyone who wishes to contribute to our community and personal growth.



JiaJu Sun (Sunnie)
ASA Vice-President, ASA Clubs' and Engagement Executive

Hey everyone! My name is Jiaju Sun (Sunnie) and I’m in the second semester of Foundation. I’m running for the position of vice-president and clubs and engagement executive. I was born in China and lived in Malaysia for 7 years, and this February I moved to New Zealand with my husband. In China I was teaching at a college, where I spent most of my school holidays traveling because different journeys can offer me unique and exciting experiences. Plus, I found that it is a great way to make new friends. Throughout this year I have been highly involved in the ASA by volunteering and being a class advocate. I really enjoy helping people and socializing at the same time. As an international student, I have some great ideas for new multicultural events, and I would like to bring these fun events to life for everyone to enjoy.



Joseph Taylor
ASA Clubs' and Engagement Executive




Quinn Moffat
ASA Education Executive, ASA Academic Representative

I am a second-year Economics student from the Far North, and I’ve thrown myself into everything Massey Auckland offers. I have been actively involved in campus life including being a part of the student team behind the Wonder Room, and the treasurer of the Football Club. I want to help clubs deliver awesome events. I also want to ensure that what we’re learning in the classroom, can be translated into a job. I will ensure that students have their say at college level about issues that affect them. I will help to provide events that students want to see. I also want to support the wider executive to be financially responsible and to maximise the benefit from funding that we receive.



Ryoma Ashikaga
ASA Academic Representative




Monique Neal
ASA Welfare Representative

My current university studies indicate that I have the passion and interests needed for this role; I have graduated with a Diploma in Science and am currently studying a business degree to be a Human Resources Manager. I have always been known as the compassionate and caring friend, so I want to be there for more people when you are having issues with welfare. I chose Massey because of the wonderful environment and culture that it possesses, and I want to make sure that we continue to provide this culture in the best way possible. If elected as Welfare Representative, I believe it is in the best interest of Albany students for there to be increased collaboration between all bodies on campus, expanding upon and building the sense of campus culture and improving student well-being. The ASA is here to make your life easier, and I will make sure that we stick to this value.



Mitchell Brennan
ASA Social Representative

Hello, my name is Mitchell Brennan and I am running for one of the two Social Rep positions for the Albany Student Association in 2018. The reason I am running for this position in 2018 is to help you, my fellow students have the best time possible at Massey while giving back to the University and to learn many valuable skills in the future. I feel as though I would be well suited for this role due to my time management and social skills. The ASA has done so much for the students in the past by organising brilliant events such as O-Week and re O-Week. Next year I would love to be apart of the planning for such amazing events to make your university experience the best it can possibly be. Remember to vote.



Suzannah Konningham
ASA Social Representative, ASA Welfare Representative

I am a first year student studying a Bachelor of Business. I am also an ASA volunteer and class advocate. My hobbies and interests are: reading, tennis and watching TV (I’m a huge fan of GoT). I want to be an ASA executive representative to better help my fellow students and ensure we are able to enjoy our university experience (the most you can enjoy studying ). In both roles I am nominated for, I would want to increase students awareness of the ASA. Lots of Massey students still don’t know what the ASA is and the great things the association does like offer welfare support, class advocates, clubs, volunteer opportunities, events and of course FREE FOOD!! I love what the ASA stands for – students helping students. After all, this is not the hunger games – it’s university. As students we are all in the same boat. Instead of rocking the boat and condemning others to drown or forcing people to walk the plank, we should all help each other to get the most of our experience, gain new skills and have fun together on the journey. This is what I plan to do as an ASA executive if you vote


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