History of the Association

Events Of Significance


  • Building of the accommodation halls commenced.
  • 10th Anniversary of the Lecturer of the Year awards.
  • ASA Ball was a sell-out.


  • New science labs for biology and physics were opened in the Student Amenities Centre.
  • Ryan Wallace joined as a permanent staff member, supporting Jacqueline and Penny as well as running reception.
  • The ASA survived a second year under VSM.
  • A contract was secured with the University to supply Advocacy and Clubs services.
  • Work began on new accomodation blocks behind the Student Amenities Centre.


  • Phase two of Student Amenities Centre begins and is intended to act as short to medium-term teaching and laboratory space for College of Science.
  • General Manager, Nigel Green leaves as part of restructuring, Jacqui Adams appointed Office Manager.
  • Massive Magazine effectively replaces Satellite Magazine as a combined Massey student publication developed and managed from the Wellington campus.
  • Student Amenities Centre ("Student Central") officially opened by Hon Minister Steven Joyce 23 March 2011.
  • VSM begins. Funding through Service Level Agreement (SLA) significantly less than anticipated leading to major restructuring and redundancies.
  • ASA shifts from Building 90 on the Oteha Rohe Precinct and the Atrium Information Office and relocates to Level 2 of the Student Amenities Centre 13 February.
  • Service Level Agreement still in negotiation, ASA begins pursuit of alternative funding including direct membership drive.
  • Voluntary Student Membership legislation takes force from 1 January 2012.


  • Education (Freedom of Association) Bill pass its Third Reading September 28 with the support of the National Party and United Future - VSM from 2012.
  • Tertiary Education Minister, Steven Joyce's Education Amendment No.4 passes under urgency restricting the raising of Compulsory Student Services Fees by Tertiary Education Institutions and removing funding for a variety of existing service areas.
  • Construction begins on Student Amenities Centre with a projected opening date of February, 2012.
  • Heather Roy' VSM Bill progress through second reading, likely implementation 2012. Association moves to secure service delivery through direct contract with Massey.
  • Amendment 4 restricts funding for Student Representation and Events increasing uncertainty around Orientation 2012 and transition plans within Service Level Agreements.


  • Massey University Council approves Stage 1 of the Student Amenities Centre with a projected opening date of Semester 1, 2012.
  • Student Amenities Centre concept drawings released as project moves from a Very Rough Order of Cost to a Preliminary Approved Cost basis, revisions place the first stage at around $15 million.
  • Education and Science Select Committee acknowledges Heather Roy Bill 'unworkable' and refers rewritten Bill back to House for second reading. New Bill recommends voluntary opt-in membership from 2012 with students' associations able to enter contracts with their institutions for 'user-pays' student services.
  • Massey University restructures senior administration removing Regional CEO positions at Albany, Manawatu and Wellington campuses.
  • New wing of the Library officially opened by Prime Minister John Key in May.
  • ASA membership approve the collection of a building levy for the planned Student Amenities Centre (SAC) Building.
  • Submissions (written and oral) are made to the Education and Science Select Committee in opposition to the Heather Roy/ Sir Roger Douglas VSM Bill.


  • Ferguson Bar opens for Orientation 2009.
  • Building OR96 officially handed back to University; all support staff and administration relocated into Building OR90.
  • Chaplaincy Service goes back under wing of University Student Services as permanent staff position.
  • ASA undertakes extensive rebranding.
  • Education (Freedom of Association) Amendment Private Member’s Bill written by ACT’s Heather Roy is supported by Roger Douglas and National Party to Education and Science Select Committee.
  • Stage 2 of Library completed.
  • Executive Committee restructured to include two Cultural Representatives in favour of the Asian Cultrual, International Cultural, and Pacific Island Students’ Representatives positions.


  • Executive Committee restructured to include an Administration Vice-President and Education Vice-President and remove the Environmental, Mature and Social Activities Representative positions.
  • Evolution Bar closes in anticipation of The Ferguson Bar opening early 2009.
  • Professor Judith Kineear retires and is replaced by Hon. Steve Maharey as Vice-Chancellor.
  • 1996 Association President, Paula Bennett becomes Minister of Social Development.
  • 'Auckland' campus officially renamed 'Albany'.
  • Massey University releases its investment plan: "The Road to 2020".
  • Second stage of the Library/ Information Commons Building begins.


  • Clubs' Space moves from Atrium lower level to Recreation Centre to be managed by Clubs' Development Officer (CDO).
  • CDO manages University Summer and Winter Games teams.
  • Campus Arts and Activities get a room in Building 96.
  • ASA enters into negotiations for an agreement over the provision of services by the new bar/ bistro - The Ferguson Bar - planned for development in the carparking area below the Recreation Centre.
  • ASA brings Chaplaincy services under its wing when the University refuses it funding.
  • Albany campus officially renamed 'Auckland'.


  • Amendments to the ASA constitution aimed to remove “General Executive Officers” with more specific representative roles including an Asian Students’ Representative, Post-graduate Students’ Representative, Mature Students’ Representative, Political Representative, Social Activities Representative and having Male and Female Welfare Representatives.
  • Sir Neil Waters Lecture Theatre Building opens.
  • Student Job Search opens an office in the Atrium Building.
  • Association begins Rideshare/ Carpooling scheme on East Precinct targeted at reducing parking congestion.
  • Josh Clark elected as first Co-President of NZUSA from ASA.


  • Amendment to the ASA Constitution and Regulations to split the Education and Welfare Vice-President’s role back into Education Officer and Welfare Officer positions.
  • Appointment of an ASA Advocacy Coordinator staff position.
  • Student Centre Consultation Group meets under Council terms of reference to consider developing a “One-Stop Student Shop” on the East Precinct.
  • Plans for a joint ASA-University Clubs’ Development Officer approved for 2006.
  • Negotiations begin to get a Student Job Search office on campus.


  • Campus Principal, Professor Ian Watson retires and is replaced by Professor John Raine.
  • Stage One of Recreation Centre Building completed and officially opened by Prime Minister Helen Clark.
  • Reappointment of a Technical Editor for Satellite Magazine.
  • Appontment of a full-time Campus Arts Co-ordinator to cordinate Orientation, Ball, Winter Festival and on-campus arts and event programme.


  • The ASA Website 'www.asa.ac.nz' redesigned and improved.
  • Institute of Information and Mathematical Sciences and Library wings of the eventual Information Commons Building completed.
  • College of Fine Arts, Design and Music moved into newly renovated building in Albany Village.
  • First sod turned on new Recreation Centre Building site.
  • Vice-Chancellor James McWha leaves and is replaced by Judith Kinnear.
  • Matthew Evetts elected as first Council Representative from ASA.


  • Renaming of the ASA student bar from 'Scholars' Bar' to 'Evolution Bar'.
  • Bar repainted, Library and Information Science blocks started.
  • Negotiations with the University for the payment of the Recreation Centre building levy by the students.
  • Launch of ASA website: www.asa.ac.nz.
  • College of Design and Fine Arts opens.
  • Negotiations over Memorandum of Understanding with TWONAM.


  • For the first time a by-election on campus goes to polling.
  • The Atrium Building opens, and ASA gains an office in the foyer area to be staffed by the ASA Information Officer. The ASA President temporarily utilises this space as an office.


  • ASA Inc. wins the USNZ Small Campus Trophy at the NZU Games in Wellington.
  • Satellite returns as an on-campus newspaper, published fortnightly.
  • The Massey University Students' Association Federation undergoes a re-vamp; membership including ASA, TWONAM, MUSA PN, Manawatahi, EXMSS, MAWSA, and the Wellington Roopu.


  • ASA Inc. begins operation as separate students' Association, first AGM held in March, recognised by University Sport New Zealand, attends New Zealand Universities' Games, applies for membership to the New Zealand University Students' Association.
  • Wellington Polytechnic merger with Massey approved by Minister of Education.
  • Compulsory VSM student referendum at Massey's combined campuses nets a 65% vote in favour of compulsory students' Associations from a student population of around 30,000.
  • ASA hosts first NZUSA conference in July.


  • Donna Awatere Huata VSM Bill rejected.
  • Tony Steel VSM Bill goes before parliamentary Education & Science Select Committee, goes to the House in August and passed as amendment to Education Act 1989
  • Quadrangle Building A completed.
  • Special General Meeting held October passes motion to separate MUSA into two separate students' Associations: Massey University Students' Association, Palmerston North (MUSAPN) and the Albany Students' Association (ASA) from 1st January, 1999, ASA incorporated in November, petitions Council for official recognition, discussions begin over formation of the Massey University Students' Association Federation between MUSAPN, ASA, TWONAM, Manawatahi, Auckland College of Education Students' Association (ACESA), He Mangai Maori, and Wellington Polytechnic Students' Association (WePSA).


  • Quadrangle Building Block B completed.
  • Quadrangle Building Block A begins.
  • Extramural Office relocates to Albany.
  • North Harbour Stadium completed.
  • Development of Albany Regional Centre begins.
  • Michael Laws' VSM Bill rejected.
  • Albany recognised as branch of MUSA and brands itself 'MUSA@Albany'.


  • University successfully petitioned for crèche facility.
  • Michael Laws' Voluntary Student Membership Bill goes before parliamentary select committee.
  • Te Waka O Nga Akonga Maori formally incorporates.
  • Study Centre completed.
  • Quad Block B development starts.
  • Paula Bennett elected student President.
  • North Harbour Stadium development begins.


  • First full democratic student elections for full Albany Student Executive, financial autonomy granted by MUSA.
  • University grants use of Building 67 (later renumbered as 90) as Association offices.
  • Te Waka O Nga Akonga Maori (TWONAM) forms.
  • Study Centre Building construction starts.


  • First Orientation Week festival.
  • First Albany Student President, Derek Quigley and Vice-President Emma Woodhouse elected by Albany students to MUSA Executive Committee.
  • Attendance by Albany students at New Zealand University Sports Union (NZUSU) Games.
  • Maori Student Group formed.
  • Women's Space built in Building 70 (later renumbered as 96).
  • Scholars' Bar granted on-licence.


  • Campus opens, 461 students enrol internally.
  • Albany Student Group formed to serve on University shadow-committees.
  • Albany Student Manager Nigel Green replaces Staff-Student Liaison.


  • Albany Highway Campus development begins.
  • Extramural office opens in Takapuna, Auckland.
  • Staff-Student Liaison Blair Rogers appointed from the Massey University Students' Association (MUSA).


  • Massey University purchases land for Albany campus.

ASA Sign-In


Fencing Federation Sunday Training
Sun Mar 24 1:30PM - 03:00PM
Dodgeball - Social League
Mon Mar 25 4:00PM - 06:00PM
MUACSA Rec Centre Booking
Mon Mar 25 8:00PM - 09:30PM
Chess Tuesdays
Tue Mar 26 12:00PM - 02:00PM
Coffee Club (30+)
Tue Mar 26 12:00PM - 01:00PM
Aerial Arts Club Tuesday Training
Tue Mar 26 7:00PM - 09:00PM