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By-Election for Clubs' and Engagement Executive

Due to the resignation of the elected Clubs' and Engagement Executive, a by-election will be held for this position. Check it out here:

ASA's Lecturer of the Year 2018

The students' choice awards for the best of the best lecturers on the Albany campus - winner annouced! Dr Mikael Boulic from the College of Sciences, was the ultimate winner.

2019 ASA Executive team announced

Results are in from the election and the ASA 2019 Executive team will be:

Voting for Student Rep on Massey Council open

Voting for the student representative for the Massey Council opened on Monday 30th July and closes at 4pm on Friday 17th August. 

Basketball Club gets new equipment

Our last grant used for the Orientation Week Clubs Day equipment went well. The new gear we got of a standalone basketball hoop was a hit and attracted many people keen to shoot around and also join the club. This was shown by the largest club numbers we have had to date on Wednesday 8th March. As well as this, the addition of the three competition basketballs in our equipment have been extremely useful, especially considering our club had none of our own basketballs last year. They have been great in our club session times and will continue to be useful to use when it comes to Tertiary Championships!

basketball Equip

Yoga Lounge Clubs' Day


Great to get a grant awarded in round 1, we used a portion of this at Clubs day for blissballs. We had a great day and signed up 100 club members (although only 39 have officially signed up using the ASA Website). We have our first yoga session this week and a special event next Weds so looking forward to letting you know how we go for the rest of the semester. 


Clubs day was a success with approximately 51 members signing up. Many had fun playing the games we offered!

On the 9th March, MUAFTS held an AGM which approximately 25 people attended. During this event, we introduced the board members and encouraged students interested in filling executive positions. Additionally, plans for the year were introduced and any interest was noted, while also asking the club members what kind of events they would like to see from the club. A pizza dinner was provided, along with salad and dessert.


Japanese Club ice-breaker event

Japanese club logo

Our last grant was used on clubs' day and an ice breaker. Clubs' day brought in a lot of new members, especially first years which we are very happy about. At clubs' day we have fukuwarai and small Japanese trinkets on display. For our ice breaker event, we had sushi and pizza to eat and the main activity was a campus wide scavenger hunt. For the victors, we had a Japanese ramune and candy. This was a great opportunity to get to know each other while having a feast.


Badminton Club enjoys Clubs' Day


We are looking forward for the upcoming semesters for new members, be it beginners or expert to join our badminton club. Many beginner players have picked up their skills and rhythm for every game played. Players with more experience are also happy to give guidance to the beginners and improve social and badminton skills together. All of these could only be achieved by maintaining good connection and relationship between the members, club, ASA and Massey University all together.

MUAFTS - Food Product Development Evening

MUAFTS 2017 Food product1

On 29th September, we had 40 attendees including high school students from North Shore schools and Food Technology Students from Massey University attending the “Food Product Development Evening”. We had the winners of 2017, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Championship to showcase their project on portable soup including problem identification, idea generation to product formulation and design. The event was followed by the discussion and tasting of the new products you have provided us and a few other activities. We would like to thank ASA for the Round 7 grant approval, Wonder Room for the space, and the lecturers and students who supported us. In addition, we would like to thank sponsors Tip Top (Fonterra), Goodman Fielder, Sanitarium Health and Wellbeing, Hubbard’s and Dad’s Pies who contributed MUAFTS with new-to-market food samples for the event. This event has generated an appreciation for product development in food technology among students, as well as opening networking and information-gathering opportunities for high school students interesting in studying the degree, and current Food Technology students.

Newsletter for second half of semester 1/2018

Happy reading.  Read past newsletters here.

Video of 21st March SGM

We ran a live feed of the SGM on FB today, if you missed it, check it out!

Newsletter Published

We've just published our latest newsletter. Join the ASA and sign up to receive it in your inbox.

Full complement of staff on board

We've made our final staff appointments and welcome Katrina and Stephanie to our great team, here to support everyone in 2018. 

Japanese and Malaysian Clubs' beach trip

Our last grant was used on the beach trip which went on brilliantly. We collaborated with the Malaysian club and had an exceptional time out in sunny weather; playing games, having a barbeque and even swimming in the sea. Since exams had just finished at the time, this was a perfect opportunity to relax and take their minds off the stress that they had just been through. We had outdoor sports such as football and baseball accompanied with an amazing barbeque, followed by swimming. Great weather and fun people meant we had a fantastic day that will go down in club history.Japanese Beach trip

ASA welcome new staff

Fantastic to have 2 new members of staff this week. 

Massey Frisbee Federation competes at National Ultimate Champs

After multiple leagues and trainings, the club was finally ready in competing in the NZUUC. The Albany squad competed alongside its Palmerston North and Wellington counterparts and entered two teams this year. It was a great to see that the sport is expanding in all campuses and everyone is continuing to improve. Despite the windy conditions and the mud pools we were playing in, everyone gave their best effort and committed to winning. Amazing team. Good spirit. Sick Ultimate.


End of Year Outing for Dance Club

The dance club wrapped up a successful first year with a BBQ held at Long Bay Regional Park.  This event was arranged as an appreciation and recognition event for the committee and club members who have worked together to get the club up and running.  The BBQ ran from 2.30pm and finished at around 7pm. Everyone barbecued and ate snacks together, and then later played card games. Members spent an afternoon in laughter. The dance club is really grateful towards ASA for approving a grant to support this opportunity to get everybody together.

Malaysian Club Open-home event - Rumah Terbuka

This was definitely a great afternoon to remember, the committee and the club members both having a great afternoon exchanging deep conversations reminiscing days in Malaysia and also expressing their interest in the Malaysia culture to non club member guests. The ‘Rumah Terbuka(open house)” event was definitely a success as all of our members were satisfied with the food given at the same receiving lots of positive feedback on the event. We feel the need to emphasise our appreciation towards ASA for not only the grant approval but also for all the help given. It would be impossible for us to develop the growth of our club without all this assistance. It really creates the bridge by allowing us to organize more exciting events by being able to provide food and drinks to organize a better events throughout the year and also the following years.


New K-World Club starts up

안녕하세요 MUA K-World Club입니다! We are extremely grateful towards the ASA committee for granting us with our first start-up club grant which helped us create a foundation for our new club. The start-up grant went towards making items that were necessary for our kick-off event. We played a game that originated from the Korean variety show Running man which is called the name-tag elimination match where we are required to rip each-others name-tags off which were attached to our backs, while also playing a Korean style dodgeball match to warm ourselves up. This event was a huge success as we decided to do a collaboration with the MUA Japanese club, which resulted in a great turn out with wonderful memories made. 

K WorldSetup

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