A word from Simon Cope, the 2017 Lecturer of the Year


I have been teaching at Massey part-time since 2013. This enables me to bring into the classroom real-world application of what the academic text talks about. This desire to 'teach' came from being very 'blessed' in the commercial world where a number of my businesses (traditional and digital) over the prior 20 years were sold... and me deciding to 'give back' to the next generation of potential business innovators and owners.  Teaching has come naturally to me; but this has been due to the students giving me honest feedback, plus great resources & staff at Massey enabling on-going learning teaching best practice etc. Business (in particular all facets of marketing) I find very interesting and my goal is to transfer that enthusiasm and desire to learn to my students thru practical and realistic real-world application. When they 'get it' that is my ultimate reward, and is very satisfying for me and them (hopefully!). The LOTY event is pivotal to this drive of mine. It encourages and enables me to be bold to ask students for feedback throughout the year on assessments, on teaching style, etc. It rewards my colleagues and I across campus to strive to be the best as a teacher.  It breaks down barriers between schools and departments and is a wonderful celebration. Now that I have reached this pinnacle of learning achievement, then this is not the end. I expect to receive this award again in the future... not cause I think I deserve it - but because the students desire the best education possible. I challenge ALL Massey lecturers/Snr Tutors to also strive for receiving this award. The journey is the adventure - not the destination.

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The ASA introduced LOTY in 2005 to find the lecturer that students believed had contributed most to learning that year. LOTY has now become an established and much esteemed fixture at Massey Albany. Each year, trophies are awarded to each college and the award for overall Lecturer of the Year is presented to the lecturer with the most votes of all. Advocacy Accoladesare presented to lecturers who ASA have recognised during the year for going the extra mile. All nominees receive certificates of recognition containing a compilation of the positive comments made by students who voted for them. The cups and certificates are presented at a lunch time award ceremony where guests are treated to a catered lunch. 

Although there can only be one winner, it is important to acknowledge and reward all teaching staff that provide excellence of teaching. Too often there is little recognition for such dedicated and committed individuals.

LOTY is just one way of saying thank you.

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From Little Seeds Do Big Trees Grow

2010 LOTY Winner John Tan couldn't be at the ceremony to award his successor but he made a point of coming in to see ASA Advocacy Coordinator, Penny Lyall to explain how the award had far reaching consequences.

After a press release circulated around his achievement, Dr Tan was approached by Merv Tait of the Milford Rotary Club. The club had seen the article and wanted Dr Tan to share a little about the work he does twice yearly to bring medical help to the folks in the villages in Cambodia.

During that talk he made mention of the fact that he raises money to install hand-pump wells in the Cambodian villages. He told the Milford Rotary Club members of his desire to put in 500 wells before he retires from this work, and the Club decided to get involved. Together they are working towards putting in 100 wells, which will significantly improve the life of the people living there.

Each well will be shared by some 10 families, so assuming an average family size of 5, this will hopefully make a difference to the lives of about 5,000 people.


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