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ASA's Lecturer of the Year 2018

The students' choice awards for the best of the best lecturers on the Albany campus - winner annouced! Dr Mikael Boulic from the College of Sciences, was the ultimate winner.


(Photo: ASA President, Jason Woodroofe, ASA Advocacy Coordinator, Penny Lyall, Teaching and Learning Director College of Sciences, Dr Liz Norman, 2018 Lecturer of the Year, Dr Mikael Boulic, Head of School of Engineering and Advanced Technology and Head of Massey Institute of Food Science and Technology, Professor Julian Heyes)

The awards took place in the student lounge which had been transformed true to the LOTY theme, by a phenomenal group of hardworking ASA volunteers.

Thanks to all students who nominated their lecturers! It was yet another year of record nominations - 173 lecturers nominated by the students on the Albany campus. 

Each nominee was invited to attend a celebration luncheon and awards ceremony on Friday 16th November. Without a doubt this is an event that once attended, lecturers strive to be invited to again. 

Nominees were presented with a certificate showing the comments that students had included with their nominations and took away a LOTY ribbon and hand-made, feather book-mark, made from retired library books. Some lecturers will be adding these to their collections from past years. Most also departed with a very full candy bag!  Laughter and applause eminated from the audience as they read the preview of comments on the big screen as each nominee received their certificate. 

A trophy was awarded to each of the 4 college winners and some special Advocacy Accolades, a.k.a., "The Penny's", were also awarded. 

Full results are below. 

2018 Lecturer of the Year

Dr Mikael Boulic


College Winners

College of Health : Dr Judy Thomas (3rd year in a row)

College of Humanities and Social Sciences : Dr Anna Hearne

College of Sciences : Dr Mikael Boulic

Massey Business School : Andrew Barney


Advocacy Accolades

The Swanni Award: Greg Chawynski

For providing coverage, support and warmth to students. His approach might make you scratch and itch at first, but ultimately Greg has discovered a secret mixture which he dips into to shower proof students from the worst academic floods or droughts. His approach creates a closely woven classroom environment ensuring student success.

The Apiata Award: Andrew Gilman

Andrew enlists all of his skills and talents to carry students across the line to academic success. Bravery when under attack is but one of his many qualities and students are always safe in his care.He deserves a medal for his honour, ability to avoid conflict and the learning regimen that he instils in his students. 

The Manuka Honey Award: Siata Tavite

Siata's teaching has rare and special properties. She is able to collect the best from student, optimising their performance - transforming them into able and capable students. Her unique and natural approach has huge life and academic benefits for those under her care. This woman is as sweet as.....

The Mansfield Award: Victoria Kerry

Victoria's teaching demonstrates huge engagement with and competence in all forms of communication. Her use of language is clear and precise and very accessible and psychologically acute. Long story short... there is no other way to read this ... she provides academic and teaching brilliance at its best!

The Kiwi Bach Award: Beth-Maree Cooper

Beth-Maree's teaching creates a feeling of well-being and relaxation.Unpretentious, modest and uncomplicated she makes everyone feel at home. She is able to take the most ordinary of materials and make them into something useful. There is nothing cheap or recycled about Beth-Maree. 

The Manaaki Award: Craig Fowler 

For his care and support of students. No matter their academic ability or where they come from all students receive the full benefit of Craig’s interest and guidance. He does not just talk about intercultural awareness- he demonstrates it on  a daily basis.  Students receive vital academic and personal sustenance from his classes. His communication and sharing of knowledge and skills far exceeds the requirements of the class room. This is true generosity to others.

ASA Appreciation Awards

These awards are from ASA in appreciation of members of Massey's general staff. 

Brenda Clifton

Campus Information Superstar!! For being consistently brilliant in the way she handles student issues. No star shines brighter than Brenda!

Tom Vadrevu

The luminous library light! For being helpful to all students and creating an atmosphere of warmth and kindness wherever he goes.



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