Starting a new club

We value our club network and believe that joining a club is a MUST-DO for all students!

So, whatever you are into, if you didn't find the club you were looking for on our list, we can help you start a new one.

Getting involved in the running of a club is not only good for your CV but it gives you valuable, hands-on practical and organisational skills that will increase your employability.

We don't allow new clubs to start up if there is already a club doing the same thing, so all new clubs must meet with the Clubs' and Activities Coordinator.

Massey has a Clubs, Societies and Cultural Groups policy that contains all of the rules around Uni clubs.

It looks scarier than it is, so we've tried to simplify things on this page.



Club membership

You only need 7 student members to get your club off the ground and affiliated to ASA.

At least 75% of your club members must be current Massey Uni students or Massey alumni.

And if you're good at maths, you'll have worked out that the other 25% don't have to be.

Other members can be:

  • Massey staff
  • Friends and family, non-Massey students, community members (must be over 16)

Download our membership list to start gathering contact info from interested students.

Club membership lists must be refreshed each year, so contact all of your members and ask them to sign up again.

For existing clubs, we recommend using the JOIN CLUB button on your website listing. 


Membership List Template


Club committee

Each club needs a core committee of at least 4 students to get it up and running.

The committee has to be voted in at your Inaugural Annual Meeting.


Committees and Meetings


Club constitution

Each club needs to agree to abide by the standard Massey University Club Constitution that is in the policy at the top of the page.

The constitution is the set of rules that apply to the club.


Affiliating and re-affiliating to ASA

If your club has 7 or more members it can be affiliated to the ASA.  

Affiliation must be renewed each year and runs from 1st April to 31st March the next year. 

Being affiliated gets you lots of support from the ASA, including:

  • Access to club grants (minimum of 10 members)
  • Banking and accounts assistance
  • ASA Club email account with access to Office 365
  • Promotion on ASA Website and social media
  • Advertising your club events on the ASA calendar
  • 2 hours/once per week sports hall booking
  • Room booking assistance
  • Use of some ASA resources, bbq,van,go-pro etc 


Quick guide and FAQ - Affiliating to ASA


To get affiliated you have to get some documentation together and then complete an online form.

You'll need electronic copies of the below forms (typed - not handwritten!)

  • Your club membership list on the ASA template
  • Your club Assets/Equipment list on the ASA template
  • The minutes of your Inaugural/Special or General Meeting where your committee was elected
  • Signed Venue and Space Terms of Use document (each committee member must sign their own copy of this form)



Then it's simply a matter of signing into your ASA account and completing the online form.

You will receive an email containing:

  • Your club affiliation application
  • Your club constitution

Print these documents and get your committee members to sign both forms and then bring them into the ASA Office.

SignRequest is an easy way to digitally sign the paperwork. 


Instructions for using SignRequest


Provided all your paperwork is in order, your application will be considered at the next ASA Executive meeting.

The ASA Executive meet fortnightly.

It's usually a straightforward process for the ASA Executive to affiliate your club, but they may come back to you for further information.

It is a condition of affiliation that your club is represented at the ASA General and Special General Meetings.


Online Affililation