Club handbook

Club handbook


Starting a new club

We value our club network and believe that joining a club is a MUST-DO for all students!

So if you didn't find the club you were looking for on our list, we can help you start a new one.

Getting involved in the running of a club is not only good for your CV but it gives you valuable, hands-on practical and organisational skills that will increase your employability.


Affiliating to ASA

Being affiliated to ASA offers your club a whole heap of benefits.

BUT, you need to re-affiliate each year!

Affiliation runs from 1st April - 31st March of the next year.


Starting and affiliating a club or re-affiliating


Clubs' days 

1 March and 19 July 2023

The PERFECT opportunity to promote your club.

We even give you $50 towards running your stall on the day. Your club just has to be affiliated and at Clubs Day to qualify.

Tips for a good clubs' day stall:

  • Staff your stall with club members who can give potential members all the info about your club
    • where/when you meet
    • any costs involved
    • upcoming events etc.
  • Have an activity or competition running on the day
  • Have a sign up list available 
    • either paper or electronic (it needs all of the info on our template below).
    • Students can also sign up to your club directly via the ASA website.
  • Have your contact info on display; or tell students to find you on the ASA website.

You do have to register to be at clubs' day though, so get in contact with the Clubs' and Activities Coordinator.


Club Members Sign Up List


Clubs' development workshops

Dates to be advised. 

A must attend for your club committee and another way to earn $50 for your club just by turning up.

To claim the $50, a single student cannot represent more than one club.

The workshop covers all sorts of things including events, succession planning, and grants but more importantly you get to network with other club committee members and learn from each other.

From time-to-time, other topic specific workshops are offered.


Using your club email account

Each club is allocated an ASA club email account, e.g. [email protected]

You can access this email account by signing in to Office 365

This will provide you with online Office applications, word, excel, powerpoint, onedrive etc.  

We recommend that your club keeps a copy of all important documents in the cloud on your club Onedrive. 

Please make sure that you check this email account DAILY or ensure that it forwards to an email account that you do check daily, as important information is distributed via club emails. 


Booking a meeting room or space on campus and inviting guest speakers

We can book rooms for your club to meet, just download and complete the room booking form and return either to ASA reception or email to [email protected]

Put as much info in about the space that you require, because sometimes the room you want is not available, but the University room booking service will do their best to find you the most suitable alternative.

If you are inviting a non-Massey speaker or guest to present at your club event, you need to fill out the Invited Guest form and submit it to the CAC 



Equipment you can hire

We have a van that you can use to transport club members, it is a 12 seater automatic van.  We also have a BBQ, PA/Sound system, cameras, mobile eftpos, bean bags and other bits and pieces! 

Bookings are essential!



Club grants

If your club is affiliated to ASA and has at least 10 members, you can apply for a club grant to help you with expenses.

This is a whole topic in its own right, so scroll on down to the link at the bottom of the page.


Depositing funds into your club account

Any funds that you collect on behalf of your club, fundraising, pay-to-play activity fees should be deposited into the Te Tira Ahu Pae bank account as below.  

For transparency purposes, wherever possible, club members should individually pay any club fees or contributions directly to the Te Tira Ahu Pae bank account and not via a committee member's bank account.

We'll keep track of who has paid for you!  If you want to deposit money using internet banking, or have your club members do so it is important that you reference your club name! 

  • Bank Account Name: Te Tira Ahu Pae
  • Bank Account Number: 38-9024-0663491-00
  • Particulars: CLUB NAME-AKL   (It is important to indicate which campus your club is on, AKL, PN or WGN)
  • Reference: STUDENT ID


Using your club funds

ASA can:

  • Reimburse club members who have personally paid for items for the club (must have receipts/proof of payment)
  • Make payments directly to suppliers for you if you supply an invoice

The club must complete a payment/reimbursement form which must be signed by 2 committee members.

The club member being reimbursed cannot authorise/sign their own reimbursement.  

Payment/Reimbursement forms and supporting documentation should be handed in at the ASA Office or emailed to [email protected]  

We cannot reimburse anyone or pay any invoices for you without the signed payment/reimbursement form. 



Club payment form


Health and Safety (RAMS)

If you are holding an event either on or off campus, you must consider the health and safety aspects of the event.

The easiest way to do this is to complete a RAMS form (Risk Assessment Management System).

This allows you to reduce risk and have plans in place if anything does go wrong.

If you are providing food at your event, please ensure you are familiar with the food handling tips as below.

The Clubs' and Activities Coordinator can help you complete your RAMS form.



Club movie nights

Sadly it's not just as simple as booking the lounge to show your movie.

To stay within NZ law, your club needs a licence to show the movie if it is being shown outside of a domestic (i.e. home) environment.  

The cost varies depending on the movie and audience size - but is usually between $120-$200. 

Clubs can apply for grants to cover a portion of this.

Checkout licencing information.  (ASA can help you with this).

To get the licence you usually need to provide, movie title,date, location, indoor/outdoor, estimated audience size to [email protected] . 

Please ask them to invoice "your club name, c/- ASA".


Club logos and club clothing

It's a good idea to have a club logo.  However, Massey University, does not allow you to use any parts of the Massey University logo. 

If you want to use the University's colours you can, but you must use the exact  Massey University colours

You can also make an appointment to meet with the ASA designer to discuss your logo plans.

If you want to order branded club clothing, you must make an appointment to meet with the Clubs' Coordinator to discuss your design as there are rules around logo placement - club logo, ASA logo and MU logo.  



If your club organises a tutor for your club members, then unless this is via a tutoring company, the tutor will need to be paid via ASA's payroll system so that we can ensure that IRD requirements for income tax are met.

Please contact ASA for further information. 



We'd love to know what ideas you have for fundraising for your club and support you in the process.

Please be aware that if you are running raffles or giving out monetary prizes that some rules apply.

If the club is awarding a monetary prize over $500, the prize must be paid via the ASA payroll, so that IRD requirements for income tax are met.

We would expect most clubs to fall within class 1 gambling for which a licence is not required, but check out the information here:


green bar 



Clubs' and Activities Co-ordinator 

Contact: Ryan Olivier


Contact: Rosetina Crockett