Clubs Grants

Club Grants

Once affiliated, your club has the opportunity to apply to the Club Grant Sub-committee for money to assist your club 
in areas including, events, equipment, fees, travel and accommodation.

For the full criteria, click here to read the CSCG Policy

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Grant cut off dates
How often can we apply?
What are the grant streams?
How much can we apply for?
What can we use a grant for?
We want to apply for a grant
Preparing your application
Supporting documentation
Online application
Using your grant
Post grant report

Grant cut-off dates for 2019

Allow 10-14 days to hear the outcome from the grant committee. Remember that you must wait until you receive notification that you have received the grant before you can spend any of the money, otherwise it is considered a retrospective payment. e.g. if your event is after the cut-off date but before the committee has met, your expenditure will not be covered.

  1.   3rd February 
  2.   10th March 
  3.    7th April
  4.    5th May 
  5.    30th June 
  6.   11th August 
  7.     8th September 
  8.     6th October 

We recommend that you don't leave submitting your grant to the last minute.  Try to get it in ahead of time, so if the CAC has any questions, you will have time to answer them.

How often can we apply?

Your club can apply for grants in 6 out of the 8 rounds offered. 

What are the grant streams?

General Grant (up to 70% of cost) 

This is the grant stream that you will use in normal circumstances.

Food Grant (Up to 60% of cost)

You can apply for a food grant if it is in direct support of an event.

Start-up (Up to 100% of cost)

New clubs can apply once for 100% for essential equipment/club launch costs.

Health & Safety Grant (Up to 100% of cost)

You can apply using this stream for items that will improve safety for members or events, eg First Aid kits etc.

Special Project (Up to 100% of cost)

If you think there are special circumstances, talk to the CAC and see if your club could apply for funds under this grant stream. 

How much can we apply for?

  • The amount that your group can apply for depends on how many members your group has and which category of grant is being applied for.  

    Membership Numbers

    $ Cap per round 
    GST Exclusive

      10 – 50

    Up to $1,000

      51 - 100

    Up to $1,500

    101 – 150

    Up to $2,000

    151 – 200

    Up to $2,500

    201 – 250

    Up to $3,000

    251 – 300

    Up to $3,500

    301 plus

    Up to $4,000

  • In exceptional circumstances, the Campus Registrar has the authority to award extra funds, so talk to the CAC if you think this could apply to your application.
  • As the grant fund is limited, grants may not always be approved up to the maximum cap for the category.
  • It is important to remember that even if your group spends less than the grant amount that was allocated, your group will still have to pay their percentage of the cost.

    eg.If your project costs $500 and you are successful in a grant application of 70% to cover $350 of the cost, your group must contribute the remaining $150.  However, if your costs come in under budget, say at $400, the grant will cover 70% of $400 which is $280 and the group must still contribute the balance of $120.

What can we/can't we use a grant for?

  • To support the development and enhancement of student life with a particular emphasis on on-campus life.
  • Activities that are off campus if they are in line with the aims and objectives of the group.
  • To purchase items or pay for other expenses that will contribute to the success of your group.
  • NOT for projects of a political, ideological or evangelical nature, to pay off a group debt or to purchase alcohol. 
  • NOT retrospectively; i.e not for something you've already paid for.  Apply before you need the funds!!
  • Apart from your very first grant as a new group, a club grant will provide you with only a percentage of the funds that your project requires. Your group will have to find a way to pay for the balance of the expenditure.  

We Want to Apply for a Club Grant

Your club members have agreed to apply for a grant, so you'll need to complete some paperwork to show the Club Grant Committee that you are serious!  

Each grant application may only cover one event or associated items.  If you want to apply for unrelated events or items, then complete a separate grant application for each.  It's important to make sure your club members are on board and support the application(s).

Preparing Your Grant Application

We've supplied a template of a cover letter for you to complete and a spreadsheet which contains 2 sheets - one for you to prepare your budget and one for your quotes.  Once you've collected your quotes and done the number crunching, copy the tables into your cover letter document. 

It's a good idea to cover the points below in your covering letter to the CSCG Committee.  

  • Why is your application necessary?
  • Does it help fulfill your group's goals and objectives?
  • How does it fit with the longer-term development plans of the group?
  • How many people will benefit from it?
  • How will it benefit the vibrancy of the campus and student life?
  • How have you/are you going to raise the extra funds required?


Supporting documentation for your Grant Application

You will need to have digital copies of the following ready to upload in order to complete your online grant application. 

  • Cover letter 
  • The project budget
  • 2 comparative quotes for each item, if you only have 1 quote, explain why. Estimates without a quote won't be accepted.  Make sure the quotes are realistic! 
  • A list of any other grants received in the past 12 months (excluding ASA Club Grants).
  • Your group's financial transaction summary from Jan 1st to date of application. (only  if your club funds are not held by the ASA, i.e. if your club has its own bank account.
  • If you have had a grant application approved in a previous round, and the funds have been used, please ensure you attach your Post Grant Report

The online system will not accept files larger than 5MB and we would prefer them much smaller than that! If you are putting screen grabs or photos into your cover letter, make sure that you click on the photographs and take the option to COMPRESS the pictures.  Email quality will be fine! 

Complete your application online

Sign into the ASA on the side panel, complete the online application and upload your supporting documentation (quotes etc). The application will be emailed to you, the CAC and to the ASA office.  

You will be notified of the outcome of your application approximately 10 days after the cut-off date.  GOOD LUCK!!

To view a list of grants that have been approved, sign in to the ASA and select the option from the Clubs menu on the side panel.  

Using Your Grant

Details of how you can use your grant will be emailed to you when your grant is approved.

If your club or one of its members have personally paid for items, they will need to have the gst receipts/proof of payment in order to be reimbursed. Alternatively, ASA, will pay suppliers' invoices directly on your club's behalf.

Each payment/reimbursement to be made must be authorised with the signatures of 2 committee members. Please note the club member being reimbursed cannot authorise the reimbursement.  

Payment/Reimbursement forms and supporting documentation should be handed in at the ASA Office or emailed to 


Post Grant Report

Your club will need to provide a post grant report to the CAC/ASA to show how the funds you were awarded were spent.
You can see examples of post grant reports on our clubs news page.

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