Each year the committees of each of the clubs on campus are invited to a dinner/awards evening.  

2021's Club Prize Giving will be held on Wednesday 13th October - so block this date out in your diary now!

This is where we get to show our appreciation for all of the work that the committees have put in and where we showcase some of the things that clubs have done over the year.  

Check out who won what in past years further down the page.


Nominate your club!

Don't be shy, check out the list of available awards further down the page and let us know why your club should win one of them or even all of them! 

Get your members to submit their nominations too.  Nominations will open 23 August. 






Overall Club of the Year

Recognising excellence in the administration of a club, club activity, and the promotion of student life Massey University Auckland. The nominees for this award will be from the category winners for Academic, Sport, Cultural and Social Club of the Year.

  • 2020 MUA Student Investment Club
  • 2019 MUA Tabletop
  • 2018 MACS
  • 2017 Massey University Albany Aerial Arts Club
  • 2016 Albany Massey Engineering Students' Society (AMESS)
  • 2015 Massey University Football Federation
  • 2014 Massey University Albany Snow Club
  • 2013 Massey University Community Garden Club


Academic Club of the Year

In recognition of an Academic club that has enhanced the student experience through the peer delivery of supportive events and activities that have an academic/educational focus.

  • 2020 MUA Student Investment Club
  • 2019 MUA Student Investment Club
  • 2018 MACS


Cultural Club of the Year

In recognition of a Cultural club that has demonstrated success in events or activities which celebrate the club's culture in the wider Massey University community and have delivered activities which cater to the cultural needs of their membership.

  • 2020 Massey Albany Pasifika Students' Association (MAPSA)
  • 2019 MU Muslim Students' Association (MUMSA)
  • 2018 MUA K-World


Social Club of the Year

In recognition of a Social club that has demonstrated success in events or activities contributing to a diverse and vibrant student experience.

  • 2020 MUA Tabletop
  • 2019 MUA Tabletop
  • 2018 Albany Massey Engineering Student Society (AMESS)


Sports Club of the Year

In recognition of a Sports club that stands out as having promoted and participated in sports activities during the current year. This club has been active in recruiting and has used sport as an avenue for increasing campus culture and student involvement.

  • 2020 MUA Aerial Arts Club
  • 2019 MUA Cricket Club
  • 2018 Massey University Frisbee Federation


Club Sustainability Award

Awarded to a club which is has an established presence at Massey University and continues to provide activities and events that that positively impact student life on campus.  They are recognised for developing a strategic club model and acquiring resources and other assets that ensure club continuation for years to come.

  • 2020 MUA Badminton Club
  • 2019 MACS
  • 2018 Massey University Investment Club
  • 2017 Massey University Albany Yoga Lounge
  • 2016 MACS
  • 2015 Massey University Albany Community Garden


Most Improved Club of the Year

Awarded to a club that has worked to increase opportunities from its members, as well as add to the promotion of student life. This club has also shown improvement in club administration and participation.

  • 2020 MUA Chinese Students' Association (MUACSA)
  • 2019 Massey Albany Movie Club
  • 2018 Massey University Tabletop Club
  • 2017 Massey Ultimate Frisbee Federation
  • 2016 Massey University Albany Aerial Arts Club
  • 2015 Albany Massey Engineering Student Society (AMESS)
  • 2014 Massey University Student Investment Club
  • 2013 Massey University Albany Snow Club


Committee of the Year

Awarded to the executive committee of the club that has worked in collaboration with Massey University and the Albany Students’ Association and has demonstrated excellence in the organisation, administration, and development of their club.

  • 2020 MU Muslim Students' Association (MUMSA)
  • 2019 Albany Massey Engineering Student Society (AMESS)
  • 2018 Massey University Auckland Chinese Students' Association (MUACSA)
  • 2017 MACS
  • 2016 SALT
  • 2015 Massey University Albany Community Garden
  • 2014 Albany Massey Engineering Student Society (AMESS)
  • 2013 Albany Massey Engineering Student Society (AMESS)


New Club of the Year

Awarded to a club that has been established during the current year, and has demonstrated a high commitment in terms of increasing student life on campus as well as developing a productive executive committee.

  • 2020 MUA Music Club
  • 2019 Massey University Albany Underwater Club
  • 2018 Massey University Albany Fencing Federation
  • 2017 Massey University Albany Cricket Club
  • 2016 MUA Malaysian Club
  • 2015 Massey University Albany Yoga Lounge
  • 2014 Massey University Albany Rugby Club
  • 2013 Massey University Theatre Society (MUTS)


Club Event of the Year

Awarded to a club who has hosted an outstanding event or activity during the current year. This award celebrates the way the event was promoted and delivered and the overall impact on the club and student life at Massey University Auckland.

  • 2020 Massey University Albany Underwater Club
  • 2019 MUA Snow Club
  • 2018 MUA Creative Arts Club - Plastic Fantastic
  • 2017 Massey Albany Movie Club - Game of Thrones season 7
  • 2016 AMESS for multiple events
  • 2015 Outdoor Movie Event (Massey Albany Movie Club)
  • 2014 Outdoor Movie Event (Massey Albany Movie Club)
  • 2013 MUCBA Charity Inter-Tertiary 3v3 Basketball Competition


Contribution to Massey University Community Award

Awarded to a club member who goes out of their way for their club by recognising individuals who put in an outstanding effort and demonstrate an impact on the club as well as overall student life.

  • 2020 Sian Nicholson
  • 2019 Mitchell Brennan
  • 2018 Shu Sin Chong
  • 2017 Jessica Hiscox
  • 2016 Hayden Wilson & Cameron Mearns
  • 2015 Morris Zhao
  • 2014 Daniel Burgess
  • 2013 Manu Lange


Growth and Development Award

Awarded to an individual or club that has put outstanding effort into further development of their club to help grow student life and engagement on the Auckland campus.

  • 2020  Sarah Orwin
  • 2019 Callum Paterson
  • 2018 Rose Fitzmaurice
  • 2017 Morris Zhao
  • 2016 Shaun McMiken
  • 2015 Shaun McMiken
  • 2014 Mike Horrell
  • 2013 Piet Witteveen