Club meetings

Some club meetings are just gatherings of your club members.

Often academic clubs have more regular documented meetings than sports or social clubs.

Sports and social clubs members might meet regularly to take part in an activity instead.

Whatever the frequency, try and make sure that meetings/activities are planned regularly.


Committee meetings

It's up to your club how often your committee meets. 

Some club committees might only meet once a year, whereas others might meet monthly or even more frequently.

If you're making decisions to apply for club grants or to spend club money, it's a good idea to hold a committee meeting.

If your timetables make it tough to get together in person, consider an on-line meeting. 

The club president is the chairperson at the meetings.

The club secretary prepares and circulates the agenda for the meeting and writes the meeting minutes (record of meeting decisions). 


General meetings

General meetings are meetings that everyone in the club is invited to (not just the club committee).

You need to let everyone know 7 days ahead of the meeting so that they can plan to be there. 

You need either a 1/3rd of your membership or 20 members come along to make it a valid meeting.  


There are 3 types of general meeting.

  • Inaugural General Meeting (IGM)
    • The very first general meeting of your club where your founding members elect your first club committee in order to affiliate with ASA
  • Annual General Meeting  (AGM)
    • Must be held in the first 6 weeks of semester 2
    • Includes election of next year's committee
  • Special General Meeting (SGM)
    • Required if a committee member resigns and you need to elect a new committee member


ASA General Meeting Template


Meeting agendas

The club secretary writes and circulates the agenda (but other committee members can supply ideas).

Putting together a well-structured agenda will help keep your meeting on track.

Put important matters near the top and allocate time limits to each matter.


Meeting minutes

Meetings minutes are a written (typed) record of what happened at the meeting.

It's the secretary's job to do this.

You should record:

  • Club name
  • Date/time/place of meeting
  • Who was there
  • Who sent apologies for why they couldn't be there
  • Any corrections to the previous meeting minutes
  • Issues that were discussed
  • Decisions that were made
  • Who will be responsible for doing things decided in the meeting