Club Committee

Club Committee 

To run your club, you're going to need a core committee.  So, the first thing to do, is to call a "General Meeting" where your members elect the committee.  The tasks that the committee carry out are important and the most successful clubs are those where the work load is shared.   

To affiliate with the ASA, you need to have at least the following members (preferably current Massey students) elected to your committee. 

You may also want to have a Vice-President or a number of other committee roles specific to your club. 

Succession Planning

It's sad to see a previously strong club fail when the committee that has been leading it all graduates.  So if you can,
plan it so that club members rotate each year.  Eg.

  • 1st year students are regular club members
  • 2nd year students are the committee members at the helm of the club
  • 3rd year students & previous year's committee mentor/ assist the incoming committee

So, remember, to look out for those keen students who you think will step up to the task!
It's not fair to leave all of the work to one person because "no-one else will do the job".
AND make sure your club recognises and acknowledges what your volunteers do for your club. 

Changes to your Committee

Should any of your committee resign during their term of office, you will need to hold a Special General Meeting, as per the rules in the constitution.

Once you have held the meeting (and written the minutes!) - you'll need to let us know of the changes.  

One of the existing committee will need to sign in to the ASA system and use the side menu option under clubs to "Update the club committee".  This will create some forms that your new committee will need to sign and hand in at the ASA reception. 


ASA Sign-In


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