Lecturer of the year (LOTY) is an established tradition (since 2005) on our campus and our way of recognising teaching excellence and supporting academic quality. 

It's about YOU telling us who has contributed most to YOUR individual learning.

Each nominee is invited to our end of year awards ceremony/luncheon and is presented with certificates showing all of your positive comments.

Trophies are awarded to each college winner and then the Lecturer of the Year is announced. 

 Advocacy Accolades are presented to lecturers who ASA have recognised during the year for going the extra mile. 

Although there can only be one overall winner, it is important to acknowledge and reward all teaching staff that provide excellence of teaching. Too often there is little recognition for such dedicated and committed individuals.

LOTY is just one way of saying thank you.


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A word from Dr Mikael Boulic, the 2018 Lecturer of the Year


(Photo: ASA President, Jason Woodroofe, ASA Advocacy Coordinator, Penny Lyall, Teaching and Learning Director College of Sciences, Dr Liz Norman, 2018 Lecturer of the Year, Dr Mikael Boulic, Head of School of Engineering and Advanced Technology and Head of Massey Institute of Food Science and Technology, Professor Julian Heyes)

I started teaching in the Bachelor of Construction in 2014. In 2015, I had the opportunity to reflect on my first year of teaching. I decided to move from monologue style (my first experience) to dialogue style, using a kind of “flipped classroom” design, I heard about at a teaching workshop. For example, in first year of Bachelor of Construction, when talking to my students about house foundation, I ask them to crawl under their house (if enough space!), take pictures of the foundation and then upload these pictures onto Stream. In class, we look at the pictures and discuss in groups, compare types of foundations, and I add a bit of information to complete the story. Students found this type of learning much more practical and very enjoyable. It keeps student’s attention at high level during class when they can share with their mates. During the class, I am moving a lot around the lecture room to better interact with my students (wake them up if they fall in sleep!), as learning should be active, not passive! Students are also using their smartphones to answer questions using engagement software. I am very enthusiastic and motivated, and maybe my Kiwi/French accent (that some comments reported as “sexy”) bring a personal touch. All the great comments I received from students and this Lecturer of the Year Award are for me the best recognition for a lecturer. Great Xmas present at this time of the year! Thanks to all my students and my colleagues for their support. Thanks Penny and your team, you are doing amazing work for our students, and long life to the LOTY lunch; it is a great and fun time to celebrate excellence in teaching.



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