Lecturer of the year (LOTY) is an established tradition (since 2005) on our campus and our way of recognising teaching excellence and supporting academic quality. 

It's about YOU telling us who has contributed most to YOUR individual learning.

Each nominee is invited to our end of year awards ceremony/luncheon and is presented with certificates showing all of your positive comments.

Trophies are awarded to each college winner and then the Lecturer of the Year is announced. 

 Advocacy Accolades are presented to lecturers who ASA have recognised during the year for going the extra mile. 

Although there can only be one overall winner, it is important to acknowledge and reward all teaching staff that provide excellence of teaching. Too often there is little recognition for such dedicated and committed individuals.

LOTY is just one way of saying thank you.


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A word from Zoë Port, the 2020 Lecturer of the Year


Photo: 2020 Lecturer of the Year, Zoë Port

Teaching the large first-year compulsory management course, I try to run my course the way I believe a good manager should act. I’m a firm believer that people are the most important “resource” in a business or organisation. A good manager should treat all their employees as humans above all else, and employees should always feel able to come to their manager if they're struggling or need support with their work. If a student is proactive and honest comes to me and lets me know what they're struggling with and, for example, needs more time - I'm going to give them more time, as a good manager should. You can’t teach management without modelling good management practice at the same time.

My motto is “there’s no such thing as a dumb question.” I never want students to be afraid to ask me anything or challenge what I say. Questions, as well as being key for students’ learning, provide important feedback for me. They help me to understand what students may be confused about, and where I may need to provide more information or clarity. 

Between kindness, questions and a healthy dose of memes in lecture slides, I hope that I’m able to create a classroom environment where students feel engaged, challenged like they have a valuable contribution to make and most of all, that they feel welcome. My favourite thing ever is when students say to me that they didn't think they'd enjoy management as a subject, or that they didn't think they could ever be a manager, but that I've managed to change their mind. It’s a privilege to be a young woman teaching what has often been a male-dominated subject – turning the concept of management upside down and proving that there’s much more to it than just theories from a century ago (although those are important too). Management is about getting stuff done.

Ever since I started lecturing in 2017 it’s been a dream to one day win the LOTY award – but I definitely didn’t expect it to happen just a few years later! It means the world, and I’m so grateful my students, and for all of the work that ASA does. I first saw it when I myself was a student and Class Advocate years ago, and now as a lecturer, I’m so glad that my students have the ASA there for support. 

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