Meet the students who are standing for election to th ASA's 2022 Executive Committee


Please note that all "blurbs" are as supplied by candidates and have not been edited by ASA in any way.


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Meet The Candidates

Marizaan Zwart

ASA VP / ASA Welfare Officer

My name is Marizaan Zwart and I am applying for the ASA Vice President position and the ASA Welfare Officer for 2022 at the Albany campus. I am currently in my first year of my Bachelor of Business with double major in management and financial planning.  

I would be honoured to be your Vice President or Welfare officer for 2022 and support you in making your experience at Massey memorable. Even though I have only been at Massey for a short while, it has been life changing for me. I want other students to have the same Massey experience that I have.  

I want to work to support the students on the Albany campus and I want to show the students all the amazing opportunities that are on offer as a student at Massey.

Angelo Fray

ASA Cultural Officer / Welfare Officer

Hello! My name is Angelo Fray, and as you may see I'm not very photogenic. I'm applying for the ASA Cultural Officer position, as well as the ASA Welfare Officer position. Currently, I am amidst my first year here at Massey University, majoring in English.  

Some may be thinking "This guy for cultural or welfare?" but hear me out. Culture has always been important to me, in both preservation and celebration. My family only really goes as far as my parents in ancestorship, and so the importance of multiculturalism has always been clear to me. Welfare is also super important to me. Having that access to multiple sources of help has been paramount to my life. I simply wish to be in a position where I can make sure everyone has access to what they need to.

I just want to be of service and do some good.